Local walks

Walking is one of the easiest ways to achieve a more active lifestyle. Sometimes a forgotten form of exercise, walking is great way to lose weight, become healthier and as an added bonus it’s free.

If you prefer walking with a group, visit our club directory to find a local walking club.

You do not have to walk miles, a short walk each day will count towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise. Check out the NHS’s top tips for walking for health.

We would love to see your pictures from one of our routes, or a snap from your own stroll. Just use the hashtag #Activelichfieldwalks so we can share your selfies on our social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Walking route maps

Beacon Park & Stowe Pool

Distance: 3.5 Miles

  • Begin at Bunkers Hill car park in Beacon Park
  • Follow the path towards the tennis courts and turn left
  • Continue following this path until you reach the pond, keeping left rather than crossing the bridge
  • Follow this path all the way round the golf course, turning right once you reach the end
  • Join the new path, passing Morrison’s and the play area until you reach the café in Beacon Park
  • Turn left following the path alongside the pond, then turn right crossing the bridge
  • Turn left and follow this path past the bowling greens, turning left at the end
  • Continue through the park until you get to Bird Street, cross this road and continue straight alongside Minster Pool
  • Turn left at the end of Minster Pool, followed by the first right turn
  • Continue walking straight until you arrive at Stowe pool, follow the path to loop around it
  • Follow the path back alongside Minster Pool and retrace your steps to return to Beacon Park
  • Keep to the path on the left to bring you up to the tennis courts, turning left once past them and bringing you back to the car park

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Distance: 3 Miles

  • Begin at Burntwood rugby club
  • Follow the path to the train station café, turn left crossing the train tracks
  • Continue to follow the path going through the gate up to the next set of train tracks
  • Turn left at the tracks and continue to follow the path past the train station
  • Follow the path alongside the water, passing the visitor centre and the water sports section
  • Turn left and walk along the dam wall, turn left once you reach the end
  • Continue straight from here following the path to bring you back to the car park

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Distance: 5 Miles

  • Begin at Fradley canal side café
  • Follow the canal down to the A513, continuing under the bridge for a few hundred yards and then crossing on the canal bridge
  • Come back on yourself on the other side of the canal, passing back under the bridge for the A513 until you reach a footpath shortly after
  • Follow this footpath until you get to Daisy Lane and turn right
  • Take the next left turn onto Long Lane and follow this down through the village, taking a right on Church Lane just after the post office
  • Follow Church Lane until you pass St Stephens’s church and turn left onto Bridge Farm Lane
  • Follow the lane and cross the canal bridge, continue until you reach Turnbull Road
  • Cross the road and follow the path to Gorse Lane, turn right and follow to the canal bridge
  • Cross the bridge and turn left, making your way back onto the canal footpath
  • Follow this footpath until you arrive back at Fradley canal side café

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Lichfield Canal

Distance: 1.5 Miles

  • Begin at Fosseway Heath Nature Reserve
  • Follow the footpath alongside the canal
  • Keep to this path until you reach Fossway Lane, turn left following this to Farlkland Road
  • Turn left and continue until arriving back at Fosseway Heath Nature Reserve

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