Local running routes

Get active and feel great with our series of running routes. If you prefer to run in a group, visit our club directory to find a local running club.

Before you begin, take part in a five minute warm up routine. After your workout, cool down with five minutes of stretching.

Friary Road Loop

Step 1 – Start on Friary Road, follow for 0.20 miles.

Step 2 – Turn Left onto Wallsall Road, follow for 0.63 miles.

Step 3 – At roundabout turn left onto Limburg Avenue, follow for 0.48 miles.

Step 4 – At roundabout carry onto Saint Foy Avenue, follow for 0.54 miles.

Step 5 – At roundabout turn left back onto Friary Road, follow for 0.22 miles and complete circuit.

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St Chad’s Road

Step 1 – Start on St Chads Road, follow foot/cycle path for 0.38 miles.

Step 2 -Turn left onto Handel Walk, follow for 0.14 miles.

Step 3 – Turn left onto Ponesfield Road, follow for 0.23 miles.

Step 4 – Turn left onto Curborough Road, follow for 0.28 miles.

Step 5 – Circuit finished. Complete the route two to three times depending on fitness levels.

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Lichfield 5km

Step 1 – Start on Sainte Foy Avenue, follow for 0.30 miles.

Step 2 – Turn left onto Falkland Road, follow for 0.51 miles.

Step 3 – Turn left onto Birmingham Road, follow for 0.09 miles.

Step 4 – Turn left onto Fosseway, follow for 0.20 miles.

Step 5 – Follow the road to the right as it merges into Chesterfield Road. Follow for 0.36 miles.

Step 6 – Turn left onto Sainte Foy Avenue, follow for 0.08 miles. Circuit finished. Complete route twice for 5km.

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Chasewater Reservoir 

Step 1– Start at the Railway Cafe and join the footpath.

Step 2—Follow the path round to the left and along the waters edge.

Step 3– Staying on the path, continue past Chasewater Outdoor Education Centre.

Step 4– Continue to follow the path across the dam.

Step 5– Follow the path past Burntwood Rugby Club. Circuit finished.

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Lap of Lichfield 

Step 1– Start on Beacon Street and follow as it becomes Bird St for 0.67 miles.

Step 2—Continue straight onto st John Street. Follow for 0.18 miles.

Step 3– Turn left onto Birmingham Road and follow as it becomes Church Street, then later Trent Valley Road for a total of 1.05 miles.

Step 4– Turn left at the roundabout onto Eastern Avenue and follow for 0.76 miles.

Step 5—At the Netherstowe Lane crossing, turn left and follow the path onto Verdi Court.

Step 6—Turn right onto a second path that brings you out onto Netherstowe, and go straight across onto Purcell Avenue, follow for 0.36 miles.

Step 7– Turn left onto Curborough Road, follow for 0.07 miles.

Step 8– Turn right onto Weston Road and follow for 0.65 miles.

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