Active Lichfield Health & Wellbeing Programme

What is the Active Lichfield Health & Wellbeing Programme?

Active Lichfield Health and Wellbeing programme aims to keep people regularly active, and promotes behaviour change both universally and to those most in need.  The focus is to target key health inequalities such as inactivity, mental health, social isolation, long term illness, fall prevention as well as keeping people more active, more often, for longer. The programme predominantly targets adults and offers a variety of sessions for residents which are delivered on a weekly basis, 50 weeks of the year. Full programme of sessions can be found on the Active Lichfield Website.


Programme Aims:


  • To increase and sustain participation in sport and physical activity.
  • To improve participant health inequalities
  • Deliver a bespoke referral pathway to improve health inequalities to participants most in need.
  • To provide regular opportunities to participants at a low cost, 50 weeks of the year.



We understand that each participant accessing the health and wellbeing programme have their own individual challenges. We take a flexible, discretionary approach to the participants who can be referred into the “Active Lichfield Health & Wellbeing Programme”, so professional knowledge, skills and experiences used by the referrer is important to us.


The guidance criteria that we would like to consider when referring into the programme are outlined below.

  • Inactive (less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week)
  • Is living with / recovering from long term illness
  • Fall prevention (mobility issues / challenges)
  • Low in self-confidence / self-worth
  • Socially Isolated
  • Unhealthy weight
  • Poor social health
  • Is living with Mental Health Struggles / Challenges
  • Is living in a low socioeconomic household / financial barrier to participation
  • Lives within Lichfield District
  • Age 18+ – Adult provision.


Who can refer:

Participants can be referred by commissioned services/organisations, statutory services and voluntary/community organisations who are working with and can identify health inequalities in potential participants.


What happens next:

You will need to complete the Active Lichfield Online Referral Form and the formal referral pathway below will begin.

Step one Formal referral received from referral agency.
Step two Initial contact made with the referred participant to mitigate as many barriers as possible, answer any questions, confirm session attending and determine a session start date.
Step three Contact session coach / instructor / leisure centre to communicate the participant’s name and start date.
Step four Follow up contact with participant after the first session attendance. Feedback and support if needed is given.
Step five Communication and support given throughout 12 weeks between the coach / social prescriber and Sports Development Officer.
Step six At the end of the 12 weeks a continuation of support given to sustain activity levels moving forward.

Once referred the participants will:

  • Receive hand holding support into their first session
  • 12 sessions free provision or 1 swim pass within the Leisure Centres. (please specify the provision your are referring to onto the referral form)
  • Participants will be asked to complete a participant consent form at their first session.
  • Be on a one-month trial to attend their first session. We will encourage session engagement through communication methods such as emails, telephone calls and arrange volunteer buddies as and when required working with the referrer and participant.
  • If after the first month there is no engagement, the place will be withdrawn, and the space made available for another referral.
  • At the end of the 12-week period, we will support participants to sustain activity levels.

If you have any further queries or would like a conversation about a potential participant prior to referring them into the programme please contact the team by either email or telephone, or 01543 308835 and we will endeavour to support and accommodate as much as possible.

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