US Girls Referral Program

What is US Girls?


The US Girls programme is designed to increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity within some of the nation’s most disadvantaged communities and originated from StreetGames. We have taken this initiative and working with other organisations tailored the delivery specifically for disadvantaged and vulnerable young women and girls within the district who will benefit the most.


US Girls Programme Aims


  • To increase and sustain young women’s participation in sport and physical activity.
  • To provide vulnerable and disadvantaged young girls and women a safe place to develop confidence, self-esteem and tackle social isolation.
  • To provide opportunities to develop skills, qualifications, and experiences within the world of work.


Guidance criteria


We understand that every girl is unique and will have own individual challenges. We encourage referral agencies to refer women and girls into the programme should they meet any of the guidance criteria below and need additional support and encouragement into and whilst attending the US Girls programme.

The guidance criteria that we would like to consider when referring into the programme are outlined below.

  • Inactive (less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week)
  • Low attendance at school
  • Chaotic lifestyle / home.
  • Facing discrimination / bullying
  • Low in self-confidence / self-worth
  • At risk of or involved in exploitation of any sort.
  • At risk of or involved in Anti-Social Behaviour.
  • Socially Isolated
  • Lack of support around them in difficult and challenging situations.
  • Is living with Mental Health Struggles / Challenges
  • Is a looked after child.
  • Is living in a low socioeconomic household
  • Lives or goes to school within Lichfield District

Basic Structure


We are delivering 6 groups across the Burntwood and Lichfield area which target the following cohorts:

  • Girls aged 8 to 11 years – Universal session (turn up), formal referrals encouraged.
  • Girls aged 12 to 19 years – Universal session (turn up), formal referrals encouraged.
  • Young mums up to the age of 25 – Formal Referrals only.

Who can refer


Participants will be referred by commissioned services/organisations, statutory services and voluntary/community organisations who are working with and can identify vulnerable young women and girls in need diversionary provision. Those who should be formally referred are participants who need additional hand holding support into provision. Bespoke methods of engagement can we discussed and planned out to support the needs of the women and girls who are referred to mitigate any barriers and build up trust prior to attending the sessions.

What happens next


If you have identified a young mum or any vulnerable girls who you wish to refer into the US Girls programme you will need to complete the online referral form.

Once referred;

  • Contact will be made with the referrer regarding the participant and acknowledgement that the referral has been received.
  • The relevant steps will be taken to contact the parent / guardian / participant prior to their specified start date.
  • If required measures will be put in place with all relevant parties to encourage engagement, meeting the needs of the participant to support their attendance at their first US Girls session.
  • Parent / Guardian / Participant will be asked to complete a participant consent form prior to attending the first session.


US Girls session structure


Tuesdays  – Lichfield 
Venue Times Session
Curborough Community Centre (WS13 7NY) 4-5pm 8-11years
Curborough Community Centre (WS13 7NY) 5.30-6.30pm 12-19years


There following are the sessions you can refer / signpost participants to. Please specify on the referral form which session you are referring to and the date the intent to start attending sessions. Please have this conversation with the participant and parent/guardian prior to the referral.


Thursdays – Burntwood 
Venue Times Session
St Johns Church (WS7 1LR) 4.30 -5.30pm 8-11years
St Johns  Church (WS7 1LR) 6- 7.30pm 12-19years


Young Mums 
Day Venue Times Session
Wednesdays Spark Burntwood 1.30-2.45pm Young Mums (25 & under)
Thursdays Lichfield City Football Club 1-2.30pm Young Mums (25 & under)


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