An Opportunity To Become An US Girls Ambassador

Aims of the Ambassador Program

The Us Girls Ambassador program is a method for providing leadership experience for girls in the community, supporting vulnerable girls who need a good role model.

We will provide tangible support for Ambassadors and will offer opportunities to explore leadership and service potentials through an accelerated personal and professional development program.

Ambassadors in the Us Girls Programme will engage in a variety of capacities, participate in training and have opportunities to develop experience working alongside US Girls participants.

Benefits of being part of the program

Ambassadors will gain training in leadership with certification to add to Record of Achievement / Curriculum Vitae

Ambassadors will develop employability skills including organisation, communication an understanding of safeguarding

This experience will demonstrate a well -rounded individual when applying for part time jobs in the local area.

Experiences gained will support UCAS or apprenticeship forms applications.

Experience working with younger people provides excellent evidence when applying for courses in:

  • Education
  • Childcare
  • Sport
  • Charity
  • Healthcare
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