The carbon bubble is coming to Lichfield

In a highly visible move towards addressing climate change and promoting sustainability the highly anticipated “Carbon Bubble” will be at the Beacon Park Fun Day on Wednesday, August 2nd.

The carbon bubble initiative is part of the work of the Staffordshire Sustainability Board , a joint effort between the County Council and Staffordshire’s eight district and borough councils to develop and deliver carbon reduction initiatives across the county.

The Carbon Bubble, which has garnered widespread attention and acclaim since its inception, serves as a captivating visual representation of the carbon emissions we produce and the implications for our planet. As part of the giant Carbon Bubble Tour, Lichfield residents and visitors will have the unique opportunity to witness the magnitude of this environmental challenge and be encouraged to take steps towards a sustainable future.

Staffordshire County Council has been at the forefront of driving initiatives that combat climate change and promote sustainable practices. With the Carbon Bubble making its stop in Lichfield, the Council aims to engage the local community, businesses, and stakeholders in a conversation about the impact of carbon emissions on our planet and the steps we can collectively take to mitigate these effects.

Assembled in partnership with leading environmental experts and organizations, the Carbon Bubble Tour is designed to spark meaningful discussions, educate residents about climate change, and inspire actionable change at both individual and community levels. Visitors to the Beacon Park Fun Day will have the opportunity to explore interactive exhibits, engage with knowledgeable experts, and access valuable resources that shed light on climate-friendly choices and practices.

Councillor Mike Wilcox of Lichfield District Council, responsible for Waste, Recycling, Ecology and Climate Change, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating: “The Carbon Bubble Tour’s arrival in Lichfield is a remarkable milestone in our ongoing efforts to tackle climate change. By bringing this engaging and informative experience to our community, we hope to encourage everyone to be more mindful of their carbon footprint and contribute to building a more sustainable future for Lichfield District and Staffordshire.”

For more information and updates on the Carbon Bubble Tour, please visit the official event website.