Equipment guidance

Equipment safety 

  • One user at a time
  • Keep a safe distance from others (In line with government guidelines)
  • Sanitise hands before and after using equipment
  • Do not eat or drink whilst on the equipment
  • Use a bin or take litter home with you

Using equipment 

The Bench provides perfect training for the core and lower back muscles by doing exercises such as leg lifts and sit ups. Easy grips are created to make sure anyone can do the exercise in a correct way. The durable Ekogrip® surfacing offers perfect grip, allowing the bench to be used as a jump box for performing various step and jump exercises.

Magnetic weights
An innovative magnetic breaking system allows the user to increase the resistance by increasing the speed of movement. The patented system also functions as brake when someone drops the magnetic bells and will reduce the impact significantly. The option to choose between a light, medium or heavy training weight offers a scalable training and it makes the Magnetic Bells an accessible piece of equipment for both beginners and experts.

Sport bike
The Sport Bike is an adjustable and interactive piece of cardio equipment which is the same quality and as equally effective as what you expect in equipment at an indoor fitness centre.The Sport bike is all about an active riding style,the frame optimised for performance riding in a forward leaning position, the height of the sport bike saddle can be adjusted so that everyone can bike in the right position

KOMPAN OutdoorFitness

To accompany outdoor gym facilities, Kompan have developed a free app helping people use and track their progress on the equipment.

Specially designed for users of outdoor fitness, the app has no required sign-up, so it is possible to quickly get started on-site. Simple user interface makes it easy to navigate core functionality – finding exercises, video demonstrations and workouts for different needs and goals.

Available for download in AppStore or Google Play today.


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