New goal posts at Burntwood Leisure Centre

Work has begun on the Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) at Burntwood Leisure Centre.

Following the World Café Workshop held in November, Lichfield District Community Safety Partnership secured funding to improve the MUGA.

Started on Monday 17 April 2023, new goal posts are currently being erected as part of the development work. This is the first stage of improvements which will include installing basketball hoops and repainting pitches to make the space more attractive and useable for people across the community.

Once completed, these will enhance the current wide range of sports and activities already available at Burntwood Leisure Centre. Many improvements have already been delivered in recent weeks including some areas being refreshed and deep cleaned, and a new play area being set up by the entrance.

Yvonne James, Principal Community Safety Officer at Lichfield District Council, said: “We listened to the concerns from residents, young people and stakeholders at the World Café event which has led to the new goal posts and pitch marking.  The main role of the Lichfield District Community Safety Partnership is to work with our residents, and our partners to find the best solutions with regards to safety related complaints. Burntwood Leisure Centre is a vital community hub and these goal posts are just another step we are taking to ensure the site is safe and accessible for all.“

Work on the new goal posts will be completed towards the end of this week.