Healthy at home

Try new ways to keep active and healthy in your home!

From the comfort of your home

While at home, break up periods of inactivity by making it your challenge to hit your goals. This can be done by taking part in fun home workout videos or setting yourself a new daily or weekly goals. For example, you could aim to add 10 seconds to your planking position, do an extra five push ups or master a new yoga position.

Find out more information about how to stay healthy at home on the Sport England website.

Home exercises

We’ve also put together a range of home exercises for you to keep fit at home.

Running routes

We also have some running routes for when you take your excercise outside once a day (following government guidelines on social distancing).

Parks & open spaces

We have a variety of parks and open spaces across the district. These are ideal to enjoy a jog or a walk in the park and hit that step goal you’ve been aiming for.

If you cycle, get some miles in the legs by following one of the district’s cycle paths, while enjoying some fresh air.

When using our parks and open spaces, please follow current government guidelines and abide by social distancing guidelines.

Find out more about our parks and open spaces.

Mental wellbeing

If you have to isolate due to covid-19 you may start to feel bored, lonely or anxious. This is why it’s crucial you maintain a healthy lifestyle at home.

From looking after your mental wellbeing and keeping a healthy diet, to getting enough sleep, there are lots of things you can be doing to help.

Find out more about wellbeing.

Activities for young people