Teen self-esteem month

May is National Teen Self Esteem Month and it is a great opportunity to highlight the importance of ensuring young people are self-aware and feel confident about themselves.

Amongst young people self-esteem can be fragile and can easily be affected by the stress and anxieties that they have to endure. It’s critical that we engage with our teenagers to remind them to have confidence in the person they are allowing them to flourish as a young person!

We are taking on the 31 day challenge where we will provide a top tip each day of the month aimed at building and safeguarding self-esteem!

Our daily tips for this week are;

Build a support network

Talking and art therapies

Learn to be assertive

Set yourself a challenge

Try a little mindfulness

Accept a compliment with a smile

Don’t dwell on your mistakes

For more information on self-esteem you can head to the young minds website.

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